Global Strategy

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Global strategy
In the fiercely competitive international market, Lushan Huayu Wantong Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. aims to build a global strategy, actively promote technological and management innovation, optimize overseas business models, and cultivate a team that adapts to global market changes and overseas business operations. The developed high-quality and compound talent team will participate in the cooperation and competition in the global market on a larger scale, in a wider field and at a higher level, continuously enhance the international competitiveness of the enterprise, and realize the development and take-off of the enterprise.


Marketing network
In the steady progress of global strategy, Huayu Wantong Grain Machinery has expanded its marketing network to more than 170 countries and regions around the world, and set up overseas offices in dozens of countries. Its products are sold in Pakistan, Nigeria, Russia, Australia, Kazakhstan, The United Arab Emirates, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, Canada and other markets have won wide acclaim.

Marketing network

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Productivity, availability, and process optimisation are of utmost importance for our customers. To best serve our customers and respond to their individual requirements, we offer an extensive range of services as well as a wide variety of tests in our pilot plant.
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