Customer Training

Theoretical training + real machine operation = qualified operator

On-site training

corn grits and flour production line


In order for users to use the equipment more safely and efficiently, we can provide free training for operators for users. Users can choose to train at the installation site or assign employees to our company to learn.

We require technical engineers to give detailed explanations to the learning equipment operators so that they can actually operate the equipment, so as to ensure that users can use the equipment in a standardized manner.

We provide customers with a complete range of miscellaneous grain processing equipment accessories and precautions for use to ensure that each accessory can play its role in the operation of the equipment.

Regular Training
  • One step, long-term application

    Quickly build a training system

  • Training System

    Build five major user guarantees

  • One-to-one guidance by front-line engineers

    Create an exclusive expert team

  • Targeted and quickly mastered

    Plan specific training sessions

  • Operation and maintenance

    Multi-dimensional knowledge supplement

  • Systematic digestion and application of knowledge

    Emphasis on real machine practice


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