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Wind network pipe fittings equipment accessories


The use of original accessories is a key element for the product to maintain high working efficiency and long service cycle.

Our accessories adopt mature manufacturing technology, select high-quality materials, and go through strict quality checks and hard work. Stable chemical composition, good wear resistance, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, durable, can be called top grade.

We provide customers with a complete range of crushing and screening equipment accessories to ensure that each accessory can play its role in the operation of the equipment.

  • Positive negative pressure sight glass

  • positive negative pressure side sight glass

  • Positive negative pressure sight glass front

  • Positive negative pressure sight glass slope

  • Elbow

  • Hand hole

  • Cyclone front

  • Cyclone 

  • Three way bucket slope

  • Three-way bucket(inclined)

  • Three-way bucket(front)

  • Three-way bucket front

  • Three-way bucke(inclined plane)

  • Three-way side

  • Three-way inclined plane

  • Three-way front

  • Three-way side

  • Flow Tube Sight Glass Top View

  • flow tube sight glass front

  • flow tube sight glass

  • Wide Flow Tube Sight Glass

  • Composite tee (inclined)

  • Composite tee (slanted side)

  • Distribution bucket (side)

  • Distribution bucket (side)

  • Dividing bucket (incline)

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