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Millet Soghum Process Solution

Millet processing solution can be used for finger millet,foxtail millet, sorghum millet (Jowar),pearl millet, kodo millet.

Technical Index

sorghum and pearl millets,finger millet, proso millet, and foxtail millet.

Product structure
sorghum and pearl millets.

Millet Processing Solution

Product yield
Millet 60-70%, bran 30-35%, broken 2%, total yield: 65-72%.

Finished product index
A. Sand content: <0.02%
B. Magnetic metal content: <0.003/kg
C. Moisture: storage type <16%
D. Appearance and taste: good color, no impurities, pure taste.


  • Millet Processing Solution
  • Millet Processing Solution

Millet Processing Solution

Based on the characteristics of millet, glutinous millet, yellow millet, white millet, sorghum and other grains, Win Tone has designed a complete set of automated processes and equipment suitable for enterprise processing. The obtained product has high yield, good color and no impurities. The plan is upgraded from the original grain, and goes through the processes of cleaning, de-impurification, de-stone, hulling, shelling, grain separation, sand roller rice milling, polishing, and millet grading. It has the characteristics of automatic operation, high rice yield, no pollution, and convenient operation and maintenance.


Cleaning section

Millet grain enters the vibrating cleaning sieve from the warehouse to remove straw, weeds, etc.
→   High-efficiency grain vibrating screen

02.Specific gravity stone removing

Specific gravity stone removing

Impurities such as stones, sand, and some mildewed grains in the millet are removed by the specific gravity destoner;
→   TDV-200 Grain Gravity Separator →   TQSF Gravity Destoner



The husk of the millet is removed by the millet huller, and the rice is husked into brown millet;
→   Millet Husker

04.Millet milling

Millet milling

Millet milling is the process to separate and remove the husk and bran to obtain the edible portion of paddy. We provide iron roller milling machine or millet dehulling machine to remove millet husks and impurities.
→   Emery Roll Millet Peeling Machine

05.Bran separation

Bran separation

Remove the roughness of the material epidermis and separate it from the kernels to obtain pure kernels;
→   Gravity Millet Separator

06.Millet polishing

Millet polishing

Millet polishing machine can remove the impurities on the bran of the millet, increase the gloss of the surface, and further increase the purity of the millet;
→   Iron Roller Millet Peeling and Polishing Machine

07.Millet grading

Millet grading

The purpose of millet grading is to separate broken rice which are not up to the standard quality requirements. Millet grader can separate Millet into different grades.
→   Mono Section Plansifter →   High Square Plansifter

08.Color sorting

Color sorting

The color sorter adopts optoelectronic technology, using the difference of reflection rate between discolored millet and white Millet to separate the millet with different colors, thus ensuring the quality of the finished product.
→   Millet Color sorting



We offer a wide range of manual and fully automated loading and bagging systems. For the processed millet that need to be packed, they can be accurately measured and packed.
→   Millet packaging machine


  • High stone removal accuracy

    According to the material characteristics of millet, the stone-removing part uses a fine stone-removing machine. Compared with ordinary stone removal machines, it can more effectively remove small stones and sand particles contained in millet, and the stone removal accuracy can reach more than 98%;

  • Reduce breakage rate

    Using the patented Huayu Wantong millet sand roller peeling machine and polishing machine, according to the characteristics of millet, it can not only ensure the effect of peeling, but also reduce the breakage rate;

  • Retain nutrients

    The cold stop equipment is added in the process to prevent the loss of rice oil of oily millet and the denaturation of temperature rise, so as to lock the nutrients without loss.

  • Improve finished product quality

    Millet grading adopts new grading equipment, which can effectively separate broken rice from whole rice and improve the quality of finished products.

Project Case

Service Process

Productivity, availability, and process optimisation are of utmost importance for our customers. To best serve our customers and respond to their individual requirements, we offer an extensive range of services as well as a wide variety of tests in our pilot plant.
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