Stainless steel drying box ( Granotherm Kiln)

Stainless steel drying box ( Granotherm Kiln) Stainless steel drying box

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  • oat, barley, wheat


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The drying box inactivates enzymes in the kernels, improving digestibility and creating a nutty taste. This prevents the finished product from becoming rancid. The drying box also treats the product evenly, by alternately charging the radiators in the heating compartments with vapor.



  • 01

    Increase of the product shelf life

    It effectively inactivates the enzymes of the treated kernels, improving its digestibility and achieving the nutty taste to which consumers are used to.

  • 02

    Modular Design adapted to your needs

    Ideal design for the highest uptime. Granotherm kiln ensures safe and continuous operation, even under demanding production conditions.

  • 03

    Maximum hygiene and performance

    Meeting the highest food safety standards. All parts in touch with the product are in stainless steel and accessible for proper cleaning and maintenance.

  • 04

    Lower building costs

    Lower overall height and thus lower building costs. Granotherm kiln configured from two to eight heating- and one to three cooling sections.

  • 05

    Energy efficiency

    The OAT Granotherm kiln is energy efficient, thanks to its advanced design and use of state-of-the-art technology.

  • 06

    Low maintenance

    The OAT Granotherm kiln is low maintenance, thanks to its robust construction and high-quality components. It requires minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


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Finished Products

Stainless steel drying box ( Granotherm Kiln) Finished Products

Working Principle

HMJ1.5 Oat drying box of the latest international mixed flow angle plate oat dryer take low temperature, constant temperature, full coverage drying,through the clean heat source of the heat exchange is full covered with no dead angle drying, to ensure food quality,no secondary pollution.

It meets strict food safety standards and is designed to produce a premium, uniform product. Use with our top-mounted Oat steamer ZMJ1.5. 

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