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Corn Germ Extraction Technology

The germ extraction production line of the dry ethanol alcohol factory can improve the taste and quality of wine making and reduce the harm of fusel alcohols; it can also extract relatively complete corn germ for the production of high-grade corn germ oil

Finished Products

Complete Corn Germ Extraction Line Finished Products


  • High definition image of Complete Corn Germ Extraction Line
  • On site use of Complete Corn Germ Extraction Line

Technical Paramaters

 Power consumption of
materials for per ton
100 369 60-64 35×5×10
150 554 60-64 42×7×10
200 740 60-64 48×7×11
300 950 60-64 48×21×29.

Market Expectation

The ethanol alcohol germ extraction production line can extract corn germ to reduce the risk of alcohol process pollution. It can reduce the loss of sugar content for alcohol enterprises, reduce the processing amount of alcohol fermentation raw materials and the discharge of bad liquid, and increase the by-product corn germ, which is the main raw material of corn germ oil. It has high market value and increases the economic benefits of enterprises.



Technical Process

Process advantages: This design scheme contains cleaning, germ removal, germ extraction and separation and powder extraction, including several systems of medium-pressure air net, high-pressure air net, mechanical conveying, and PLC automatic control. The whole production process is monitored by the industrial computer (PLC) in the general control room.

01.Raw corn grain cleaning

Corn Cleaning

Raw grain cleaning adopts the process of cleaning→magnetic separation→stone removal→measurement. Use mechanical and optical sorting machines to clean the grain and remove defective material, fungal contaminants and other impurities. Ensure that the dust content of the air discharged into the atmosphere does not exceed the standard, and protect the atmospheric environment.
→   Grain cleaners→   Gravity Destoner

02.Corn conditioning

Corn conditioning

In conditioning you add water evenly to the corn germ conditioning chamber to soften the germ,ensure that the germ is not broken during the process of degermination and extraction, and increase the yield of the germ.

03.Separating the endosperm


The corn degerminator separates the corn endosperm from the germ. The high square sifter classifies the treated material and separates the germ-containing material. During the process of sifting and depowdering, the germ-free material is conveyed to the elevator, and then conveyed vertically into the pulverizer for grinding powder.
→   Maize Peeling Machine →   Corn Kneading Degerminator →   Corn Germ Gravity Separator

04.Medium-pressure air system

Medium-pressure air system

The auxiliary material of the medium-pressure air net is in a suspended state on the stone removal screen, so that impurities and corn are separated into layers, and stones and corn are separated. The grading sieve realizes the separation between larger materials and slight impurities by means of wind force, meeting the process requirements. Set up a dust removal air net to avoid dust spillage.

05.High pressure air system

High pressure air system

During the entire processing process, some sections and equipment need to be transported by wind power. The TY series high-pressure fan, strong negative pressure fan with material, and the principle of pushing material down with the air locker are used to achieve the purpose of air transportation without dust, making the production workshop hygienic and clean.

06.Mechanical conveying system

Mechanical conveying system

Part of the material transportation in this scheme adopts bucket elevator in vertical direction, scraper conveyor and spiral conveyor in horizontal direction.
→   Bucket Elevator →   Screw Conveyor


Unloading and packing

The finished products are either bagged or loaded in bulk. Here it is important to keep dust to a minimum. Precise dosing and weighing are also key. We offer a wide range of manual and fully automated loading and bagging systems
→   Automatic Packaging Machine


  • Low investment and cost

    The germ extraction production line of ethanol alcohol plant can save 25-30% of equipment investment. Save 30% of the fermentation process, 25% of the distillation process, and 30-40% of the distiller's grain treatment;

  • Reduce losses

    After the germ is removed, the germ cake is still returned to the production line for fermentation, and there is no loss of starch and DDGS feed. And when evaporating and concentrating to produce DDGS protein feed, 20% of energy costs can be reduced, and high-quality protein powder can be obtained;

  • Low maintenance cost

    Remove the cleaning of germ and alcohol equipment pipelines, the maintenance cost of the whole set of equipment can be saved by more than 90%, the steam consumption is greatly reduced, and the sewage discharge is less;

  • Increase the value of by-products

    The by-product corn germ is the core raw material of corn germ oil, which has a high market value and increases the economic benefits of the enterprise.

  • Automated Moisture Conditioning

    It can automatically adjust the water supply valve to add water to grain, stop water when grain is cut off, and automatically adjust the control accuracy according to the set moisture content. Flow over standard alarm, moisture over standard alarm and water abnormality alarm.

  • Increased germ yield

    Using special equipment for flaking and grinding, the germ yield is improved, and the broken germs will not be lost. After increasing the yield, the oil yield should be increased by at least 1-3 per thousand.

  • Intelligent kneading and degerming machine

    The kneading and degerming machine introduces improved Italian technology and adopts the method of degerming the material from up to down. The machine has high output, low power, no broken germ and high grain size.

  • Strong ability of continuous operation

    The screening and grading equipment all use 304 stainless steel screen frame and screen mesh. The screen frame does not deform and does not block the screen, ensuring continuous operation and improving the service life.

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