Stainless Steel Oat Groat Cutter

Stainless Steel Oat Groat Cutter Drum Groat Cutter, Oat Cutters

  • 800-1000kg/h

    Production Capacity

  • 1/2-1/4 size particles

    Finished Products

  • oat, barley, rye and rice grains


  • Oat Groat Cutter

    Main Equipment

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       The oat groat cutter produces uniform cut groats from oats, barley, rye, spelt, and wheat  at high capacities and minimal fines. 
The drums are perforated with precision drilled holes dependent on the type of grain. The drums can be quickly changed out to process various types of grains and produce coarse, medium, or fine groats. This best-In-class machine also uses minimal power, maximizing cutting efficiency in your facility.



  • 01

    Food-grade stainless steel material

    stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, which further enhances the machine's lifespan and ensures safe and hygienic processing of oats.

  • 02

    Boost yields and improve the quality of your finished product.

    Use a groats cutter to cut husked oats and produce different groats. Remove uncut groats using an indented separator

  • 03

    High efficiency and precision

    The grain kernels fall lengthwise through the drum holes and are cross-cut by the knives into small pieces just a few millimetres in size.

  • 04

    Saving maintenance time

    Quick change feature of knives and drums reduces maintenance times by approximately 75%

  • 05

    Finished product is uniform

    Vibratory feeder for consistent product feed rate

  • 06

    Minimum amount of cutting flour

    After groating of various products such as oats, wheat, rye or barley, the produced groats are gently aspirated by means of a counter-current coarse sifter. Subsequently, the groats are sorted into different classes using a plansifter or an indented cylin


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Finished Products

Stainless Steel Oat Groat Cutter Finished Products

Working Principle

         Via a continuously adjustable vibrating channel, the grain is fed into two perforated drums made of stainless steel which are mounted on a horizontal shaft. Buckets arranged in the drums ensure uniform distribution of the product to be cut. Excess quantities and oversizes are discharged by means of an overflow. The drums are provided with calibrated holes, the diameter of which depends on the type of grain to be cut. The lower half of the rotating drums is surrounded by a precision knife basket without shims.

        The grain kernels fall lengthwise through the drum holes and are cross-cut by the knives into small pieces just a few millimetres in size. The cutting angle can be varied by different knife baskets. As a result, coarse, medium or fine groats can be produced. Pinwheels arranged above the supporting frame prevent the holes from clogging.

Technical Paramaters

Model Capacity
YMQL-50 800 380 3 1050×800×1250

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