TQSF Series Gravity Destoner

TQSF Series Gravity Destoner Effective separation of impurities such as stones, glass and metals

  • 2-21t/h

    Production Capacity

  • Raw grain destoned

    Finished Products

  • Special processing of wheat, rice, corn, oats, buckwheat, barley, spelled wheat, millet; production of wine, distillation and ethanol products


  • Destoner

    Main Equipment

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  The TQSF Series Gravity Destoner, in addition to its standard application in wheat, rice and corn processing, can also be used for special processing of oats, buckwheat, barley, spells and millet, and has been successfully used in the production of wine, distillation and ethanol products ;It can effectively separate impurities such as stones, glass and metal, and effectively reduce the wear and tear of impurities and foreign objects on the equipment in the next production process.



  • 01

    Clean up impurities

    Remove impurities such as grain "side-by-side stones" or glass and metal, and assist in cleaning materials containing light impurities

  • 02

    Good stone removal effect

    Two-layer sieve grid, the upper layer is classified, the lower layer is stone-removed, and the layer-by-layer control is good for stone removal.

  • 03

    Air suction volume adjustable

    Screen surface and inclination angle can be adjusted, suction volume can be adjusted

  • 04

    Low energy consumption

    Helical spring support, or rubber spring support, long-term stable and durable operation, low energy consumption

  • 05

    Large processing capacity

    Processing raw grain 2-21 tons per hour

  • 06

    Reduce wear and tear on downstream process equipment

    Effectively reduce the wear and tear of impurities and foreign objects on the equipment in the next production process


  • High definition image of TQSF Series Gravity Destoner
  • On site use of TQSF Series Gravity Destoner

Finished Products

TQSF Series Gravity Destoner Finished Products

Working Principle

  TQSF Series Gravity Destoner adopts modern grain machine manufacturing technology, well-designed and well-made cleaning and destoner equipment, mainly used for grain material destoner in miscellaneous grain enterprises and feed processing plants. TQSF Series Gravity Destoner makes the materials and stones automatically layered under the action of wind pressure, and the two move in opposite directions under the action of the reciprocating sieve plate, so as to achieve a good stone removal effect.

Technical Paramaters

Model Capacity
Suction volume
Air pressure
TQSF-63 2-3 0.25×2 4500 <980 390 1580×840×1400
TQSF-80 4-6 0.25×2 6000 <980 468 1800×1022×1650
TQSF-100 5-7 0.25×2 8000 <980 910 2190×1200×1820
TQSF-125 7-9 0.25×2 10200 <980 1280 2360×1400×2015
TQSF-150 9-11 0.37×2 12000 <980 1680 2860×1700×2515
TQSF-120×2 6-8 0.3×2 10200 <980 585 1650×1550×1780
TQSF-150×2 9-12 0.3×2 15500 <980 800 1650×1837×1852
TQSF-180×2 17-21 0. 45×2 18500


1000 1920×2090×1950


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