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Wheat Processing Soultion

The whole set of flour processing line has the characteristics of advanced technology, excellent equipment, strong specificity, reasonable layout, low power consumption, high flour extraction rate, and good quality of finished products.

Technical Index

According to the different requirements for flour quality of the flour milling industry and flour consumers, we developed several sets of flour processing solutions and flour processing plant construction options, which can fully meet the various needs of consumers.

Finished product structure

75-80% grade wheat flour
bran 20-25% .

Finished product index

A. Fineness of wheat flour: 80-100 mesh (fineness of flour can be adjusted)
B. Sand content: <0.02%
C. Magnetic metal content: <0.003/kg
D. Moisture: storage type ≤14.5%
E. Fat content: 0.3-1.7%
F. Appearance and taste: Fine powder, high quality and pure taste


  • High definition image of 500Ton/Day Wheat Flour Production Line
  • On site use of 500Ton/Day Wheat Flour Production Line

Wheat flour processing technology

The complete set of wheat flour processing equipment adopts the domestic advanced design of new all-dry finishing line. It has ensured that the genuine product yield and product quality of various products meet or exceed national standards.

01.Intake and pre-cleaning

Cleaning section

Pre-cleaning is key for an efficient and safe milling process. Grain contains impurities and foreign materials. If you remove these before storage, you can extend the service life of your machinery and provide hygienic storage conditions for your grain.
→   High-efficiency grain vibrating screen

02.Cleaning and conditioning

Cleaning section

The first cleaning section removes contaminants such as seeds, stones, or metals. The grain is then conditioned and stored in tempering bins to reach the right moisture content. The second cleaning section removes kernel surface impurities and harmful substances, such as mycotoxins.
→   TQSF Gravity Destoner



After each roller mill, sifters separate the ground parts. Bran finishers and purifiers improve the separation process. This process produces different flours, bran, germ, and semolina.
→   Smart Pneumatic Roller Mill →   NF Series Grain Mills

04.Separate the endosperm

Separate the endosperm

In the milling section, you separate the endosperm from the hull and germ and process it into flour. Our grain cleaners process wheat gently, delicately separating germ, husk and endosperm with less fines.
→   Grain Purifiers

05.Screening Grading

Finished Wheat Flour

The quality standard of wheat flour produced by the whole process is higher, and the yield rate is high, reducing food waste.
→   FSFG High Square Plansifter

06.Measuring and Bagging

Measuring and Bagging

Finished products are packaged or bulk loaded. Dust must be kept to a minimum. Accurate metering and weighing are also important. We offer a wide range of manual and fully automatic loading and packaging systems. Our accurate weighing, dosing and mixing solutions offer a controlled process and consistent end products.
→   Automatic Packaging Machine

Project Case

Service Process

Productivity, availability, and process optimisation are of utmost importance for our customers. To best serve our customers and respond to their individual requirements, we offer an extensive range of services as well as a wide variety of tests in our pilot plant.
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    Pre-sales consultation

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    Draft Construction Plans

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  • Maintenance & Repair

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