TDV-200 Corn Germ Gravity Separator

TDV-200 Corn Germ Gravity Separator TDV-200 Corn Germ Gravity Separator

  • 3-6Ton/hour

    Production Capacity

  • Corn germ separating

    Finished Products

  • Corn embryo selection, seed selecting and separating of various cereals


  • germ separator

    Main Equipment

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  TDV-200 corn germ gravity separator is a newly developed equipment by WIN TONE, patent number ZL2010 2 0691738.4. The corn germ sorting machine is suitable for corn germ sorting, and also used for coffee, cocoa beans, hazelnuts, almonds, barley, Sorting of corn, wheat, sunflower seeds, beans, rice and other grains. After the corn is degerminated and screened, the germ-containing granule mixture can be effectively sorted into pure endosperm and pure germ by the TDV-200 new corn germ sorting machine. Seed selection and various grains such as beans, oats, etc., can be sorted by TDV-200 corn germ gravity separator to sort out moldy grains, moth-eaten grains, immature grains and other impurities.



  • 01

    Stable performance

    TDV-200 corn germ gravity separator has compact structure, easy operation, stable operation, stable mechanical performance and small area.

  • 02

    Clean and Environmentally Friendly

    TDV-200 corn germ gravity separator has a fully enclosed structure, no dust, and is clean and environmentally friendly

  • 03

    Applicable scope

    TDV-200 corn germ gravity separator has a unique selection chamber structure to ensure that the corn milk does not contain embryos. It is an ideal equipment for corn embryo selection for corn deep processing enterprises, wine processing enterprises, corn

  • 04

    Automation control

    TDV-200 corn germ gravity separator is easy to operate, adjustable air volume, and has a negative pressure display device, which improves the comprehensive value of corn products.

  • 05

    Reliable quality

    The material structure and production process of this machine have been structurally improved, and the product quality is reliable;

  • 06

    Negative pressure display

    The effect of negative pressure makes the mixed material in a suspended and semi-suspended state, and the material interacts with the fish scales inside the body during the flow;


  • High definition image of TDV-200 Corn Germ Gravity Separator
  • On site use of TDV-200 Corn Germ Gravity Separator

Finished Products

TDV-200 Corn Germ Gravity Separator Finished Products

Working Principle

   Application of corn degermination: The endosperm and germ mixture after degermination by the degermination machine enters the TDV-200 corn germ gravity separator. Due to the action of negative pressure, the mixture is in a suspended and semi-suspended state. plate interaction. Due to the different specific gravity of the material and the difference in the friction coefficient, the material flows in different directions, and then the discharge port is adjusted according to the material condition to realize the material sorting function.

Technical Paramaters

Model Capacity(t/h) Installed power(kw) Air volume (m³/h)
Corn germ selection (mixture) Grain selection main motor Low pressure air mesh illumination
TDV200 2.5-3 4-6 0.75*2 4 10W/220V 8000-11000

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