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Buckwheat Processing Solution

WINTONE's unique buckwheat processing technology has been successfully applied to many buckwheat processing enterprises with significantly higher kernel yield, low broken grains and processing power consumption.

Finished Products

Buckwheat Dehulling Plant Finished Products


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Buckwheat Processing Thechnology

01.Clean and remove stones

Cleaning section

The buckwheat is lifted by the elevator and enters the high-efficiency vibrating screen to remove the large and light impurities contained in the raw grain, and then enters the gravity grading destoner equipped with a magnetic separator to further remove metals, stones, dust, sand, etc. in the raw grain Such impurities ensure the purity of subsequent processing materials. The cleaning process designed in this scheme consists of two magnetic separations, two cleanings, and two stone removals, with the help of wind power to remove impurities in the middle, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning raw grains and reducing power consumption as much as possible.
→   Grain cleaners→   Gravity Destoner

02.Cooking and drying

Pressure cooking

After the removal of stone, the buckwheat can enter the digester and be dried after cooking to control the humidity of buckwheat.

03.Buckwheat Grading

Buckwheat Grading

Buckwheat into the screening equipment grading different sizes of buckwheat raw grain, in order to enter the buckwheat special sheller.

04.Buckwheat shelling

Buckwheat shelling

The cleaned pure materials are graded by the grading equipment, and the dehulling equipment performs graded dehulling processing on the graded buckwheat, and effectively peels off the buckwheat husks and barley quickly, quickly and stably. The shelling equipment is a buckwheat shelling machine independently developed by our company. This equipment has the advantages of stable operation, low broken rate and high whole rice rate.
→   Buckwheat Dehulling Machine



After the shelled buckwheat is sucked away by the cyclone skin extractor, the buckwheat kernel enters the tall flat screen for grading.
→   Buckwheat Bran Brusher

06.Color sorting

Color sorting

The buckwheat that enters the color sorter is sorted according to the color difference between the colors.
→   Grain Optical Sorter

07.Packaging section

Packaging section

The packaging section requires the packaging workshop to be in a sterile environment. There is a layer of plastic film inside the packaging bag. The airtight plastic film is isolated from the outside world to extend the shelf life. The size of the packaging specification depends on the customer's needs. Generally, the shelf life of packaged oatmeal is 12 months.
→   Automatic Packaging Machine

Technical Breakthrough

Buckwheat is covered by the husk, and the surface layer is also covered with the peel. Before production and processing, it needs to be fully shelled and peeled, and the barley can be processed after leaving the barley. However, the traditional processing equipment is not thorough in shelling, which is easy to cause rice husks. Residue, and the shelling rate is relatively low, and the crushing rate is high, which affects the later processing. resulting in higher production costs.

In order to solve the above problems, WIN TONE undertook the research and development of buckwheat shelling processing technology, and successfully developed a new buckwheat shelling machine with a one-time shelling rate much higher than the traditional shelling machine, and successfully developed a perfect buckwheat shelling machine Shelling and peeling processing technology and equipment.


  • High yield and stability

    The wear-resistant peeling rollers and sieves for buckwheat can ensure the stability of the equipment in the production of large-scale complete sets of projects.

  • Gravity screening

    For the complex impurity content of buckwheat raw grains, the cleaning process is strengthened, and the specific gravity screening link is introduced to remove unsaturated grains of buckwheat and improve product quality.

  • Automation Control System

    In combination with corn, highland barley, rice and other processing technologies, high-efficiency dust removal and automatic control systems are introduced to accurately control the quality. Keep the processing workshop clean and dust-free, and design the complete buckwheat processing plant as an engineering work of art.

  • Buckwheat hulled and whitened

    The application of buckwheat shelling machine and buckwheat whitening machine developed by WIN TONE in buckwheat processing not only increases the yield of finished products, but also improves the quality of finished buckwheat kernels. The surface of processed Buckwheat is clean and the loss of the original flavor of Buckwheat is reduced.

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