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Beans Peeling Plant

This series of complete set of bean peeling and polishing equipment can process raw grains such as soybeans, broad beans, lentils, cowpeas, mung beans, black beans, kidney beans and other beans. The complete set of equipment has strong specificity, high y

Design technical indicators

Beans Peeling Plant Production

1. Scope of application: processing of various beans such as soybeans, broad beans, lentils, cowpeas, mung beans, black beans, kidney beans;

2. Product structure: refined beans and bean kernels;

3. Product yield rate: can be adjusted according to customer requirements;

4. Finished product indicators:
A. Sand content: <0.02%
B. Magnetic metal content: <0.003/kg
C. Moisture content: storage type ≤ 14.5%
D. Appearance and taste: good color, good peeling effect, bright bean kernels Smooth, pure bean flavor

image display

  • Actual pictures of complete set of bean milling equipment (full dry method)
  • Actual pictures of complete set of bean milling equipment (full dry method)

Process flow

It can be used in the complete equipment processing technology of peeling, polishing and kernel making of various beans such as soybeans, mung beans, peas, red beans, coffee beans, etc. Overall coverage: vibration grain cleaning, specific gravity stone removal, magnetic soil removal, second selection, polishing and brightening, photoelectric color sorting, grading packaging and other sections. The conveying equipment adopts anti-shattering lifting and conveying equipment to reduce grain processing losses.

01. Multi-level cleaning


After multi-stage cleaning, large impurities, small impurities, light impurities, stones, soil clods, moldy grains, etc. are removed from the raw beans;
→ Grain cleaners → Gravity Destoner

02. Peeling beans

Beans peeling

The special peeling machine developed according to the characteristics of various beans can effectively remove the skin of beans.
→ Soybean and Peas Peeling Machine → Chickpea Peeling Machine → Lentil Peeling Machine → Professional Broad Bean Dehulling Machine

03. Bean polishing

beans poshing

Through the special internal structure of the bean polishing machine, the beans are wiped to make the surface of the beans smoother.
→ Beans Polishing Machine

04. Finished product packaging


The graded beans are transported to the packaging section, which is equipped with an automatic packaging machine for metering and packaging.
→ Automatic Packaging Machine


Process advantages

  • Multi-level cleaning, check at every level

    Huayu Wantong's bean cleaning production line uses multi-stage equipment such as high-efficiency vibrating screens, double-layer destoners, and specific gravity selection machines for cleaning. Each piece of equipment has a different cleaning effect, so that it can mix a variety of different beans. The materials are effectively cleaned to ensure the cleanliness of the finished beans.

  • secondary dust fall

    All dust removal in this process adopts the working principle of secondary dust removal. Through the working method of Zakron dust removal and pulse dust removal, it not only reduces the workload of the pulse dust collector, but also ensures that there is no leakage of dust in the production line, which is fully in line with and higher than the current environmental protection standards and requirements.

  • fine grading

    The bean grading equipment of Huayu Wantong production line adopts special equipment selected through countless production line practices. It has low energy consumption and high efficiency. It can specifically address the problem that similar beans cannot be cleaned in bean cleaning, perform fine classification, and Achieve uniformity of finished beans.

  • Magnetic sorting

    On the basis of the multi-channel magnetic separator, Huayu Wantong's bean cleaning production line adds a magnetic separator to the process, which is specifically designed to remove the magnetic substances, soil, sand and gravel mixed in the beans, ensuring that the final It is said that finished beans do not contain magnetic substances.

Technical Parameters

model Equipped with power
Power consumption per ton of material 
Factory size
10t 24 38-40 10 10×4×4 (line structure)
20t 56 38-40 20 16×5×5 (line structure)
30t 72 38-40 30 20×5×5 (line structure)
50t 119 38-40 50 20×5×7 (steel frame structure)
100t 238 38-40 100 30×5×7 (steel frame structure)

Project Case

Service Process

Productivity, availability, and process optimisation are of utmost importance for our customers. To best serve our customers and respond to their individual requirements, we offer an extensive range of services as well as a wide variety of tests in our pilot plant.
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