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Barley Peeling and Milling Plant

WinTone's complete set of barley peeling and milling equipment, self-developed barley peeling machine and polishing machine ensure the quality of barley noodles, with high peeling efficiency and improved finished product yield. The processed highland bar

Design technical indicators

raw material:

raw material Test weight Moisture Impurities imperfect grains Smell, color
barley ≥750g/L ≤14 ≤1.0 ≤5 normal

Electricity: 220V&380V, 50Hz (or as provided by Party A);

Water: Public tap water (meeting drinking water standards) is lower than 30°C, and the average flow rate can meet production and daily needs;

Production capacity: 1 ton of raw barley grain per hour

The dimensions of the production line are: length x width x height = 35mx6mx8.5m; the equipment adopts a steel frame structure, which can greatly reduce civil construction investment; the area of ​​the original granary and finished product warehouse is user-defined.

Installed capacity: Total N=374.32kw of the production line cleaning section, peeling and polishing, and grits and powder making sections;

Workshop environment: The dust concentration in the workshop air is ≤10mg/m3, and the dust concentration in the discharged outdoor air is ≤150mg/m3;

Product structure and yield (according to the quality of barley raw grain)
1) Barley rice yield: 73-75% (adjustable according to barley flour yield)
2) Barley flour 80 mesh all-through: yield: 70-75% ( Adjustable according to barley rice yield)
3) Feed: yield: 21-25%;
4) Grain consumption ≤ 1%

Highland Barley Processing Line Finished Products

image display

  • On site use of Barley Processing Line
  • High definition image of Highland Barley Processing Line

Barley process

The complete set of equipment for barley and rice milling processing is mainly composed of production lines that require multiple finished products such as peeling and milling. In terms of processing technology, peeling and polishing ensure the quality of barley rice and noodles and improve the yield of finished products.

01. Multi-level cleaning


After multi-stage cleaning, large impurities, small impurities, light impurities, stones, soil clods, moldy grains, etc. in the raw barley grain are removed; → High-
efficiency grain vibrating screen → TDV-200 Grain Gravity Separator → TQSF Gravity Destoner

02. Barley peeling

Barley peeling

The special peeling machine developed according to the characteristics of barley can effectively remove the skin of barley;
→ MTPS Series Barley Peeling Machine→ Highland Barley Peeling Machine

03. Barley milling

barley milling

The peeled barley enters the mill and is ground into powder, and the qualified barley flour is screened out through the screening equipment.
→   Smart Pneumatic Roller Mill→   NF Series Grain Mills


Finished Wheat Flour

In the milling section, you separate the endosperm from the hull and germ and process it into flour. Our grain cleaners process wheat gently, delicately separating germ, husk and endosperm with less fines. → Grain cleaners →
Grain Purifiers

05. Finished product packaging

Packing Machine

The graded barley finished products are transported to the packaging section, which is equipped with an automatic packaging machine for metering and packaging.
→ Automatic Packaging Machine

Process advantages

  • Cleaning process

    The cleaning process of the complete set of equipment for barley and rice milling processing adopts the process of "one sieving, two destoning, one magnetic separation, one wheat beating, one wheat brushing, and one color selection" to obtain clean raw grain. High-precision color sorters can be used to remove off-color particles to ensure consistent color of the raw grain.

  • Barley rice making process

    The barley rice making process adopts the "four stripping, two sucking, one throwing and one grading" process. Four stripping and two sucking ensure clean peeling. A water polishing process ensures the color and brightness of the finished barley rice. First classification ensures the whole grain size of the packed barley rice.

  • Barley milling process

    The barley milling process adopts the "four grinding and four sifting" process, and a distributing valve is installed after the grading and sifting, so that the production line has the function of packaging barley rice and directly milling whole rice without packaging broken rice.

  • Barley flaking process

    The barley flaking processing complete equipment process is mainly divided into cleaning section, peeling and separation section, grading and color sorting section, cleaning section, enzyme sterilization section, grading section, steaming and flaking section, drying and cooling section, packaging section, etc.

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Service Process

Productivity, availability, and process optimisation are of utmost importance for our customers. To best serve our customers and respond to their individual requirements, we offer an extensive range of services as well as a wide variety of tests in our pilot plant.
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