Technical Support

Multi-channel, high efficiency, low cost, wide coverage

Professional and high-quality service
Our company focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of complete sets of grain processing equipment, providing complete solutions. With 27 years of experience in grain processing machinery, we have customized economic benefit analysis reports for users in more than 40 countries and regions around the world to achieve sustainable business development.
  • Quick Supply Parts

    Our company has a complete after-sales team integrating information feedback, parts supply and technical training to ensure the timely supply of company parts.

  • Multi-level Maintenance Quality Inspection Control

    After the equipment is completed, it needs to go through multi-level maintenance quality inspection procedures such as self-inspection by the maintenance technician, re-inspection by the team leader, and final inspection by the workshop quality inspection engineer before leaving the factory.

  • Professional technical expert team

    The company has professional technical experts and service teams, providing customers with professional services with solid foundation and skilled technology.

  • Full equipment inspection service

    After the equipment maintenance is completed, we will provide customers with professional full-equipment inspection services to ensure timely discovery and elimination of potential safety hazards and ensure safe and stable operation of equipment.

Multi-directional after-sales system
Four major quality guarantees, zero communication costs, and worry-free quality assurance services

    Accurate management and control

    Accurately control cost accounting, scientifically calculate expected profit, realize cost reduction and increase efficiency, and profit can be expected.

    From equipment selection and program planning in the early stage, to optimization and improvement of equipment production capacity in the mid-term, and to after-sales service in the later stage, we have professional project managers to follow up the whole process to avoid risks and improve project value for you.


    Private custom

    According to the actual needs of customers, formulate multiple sets of process plans for comparative analysis, select a reasonable plan, and realize private customization.

    Our services run through the site terrain environment survey, production line process design, raw material testing, cost requirement analysis, project investment budget, equipment installation and commissioning and other links.


    Witness together

    Focus on the successful cases of more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and inspect every process from a single machine to the entire production line.

    The operating profit ratio of thousands of customers is clear and measurable, and they jointly inspect the entire service system from the design and development team to the installation and maintenance team, witnessing the realization of the investment value of the entire project.


    Training Support

    We provide rich and systematic training for the technical personnel dispatched by customers to better meet project needs. During the practical operation of technicians, our training instructors will also continue to follow up the project operation to ensure that the project is carried out in an orderly manner.

15 minutes
respond to your service
2 hours
give guidance
24 hours
Solve product failures
7×24 service
100 engineers
Dedicated active service team
36 hours
Direct on-site solution
Meticulous and perfect service process
We take the interests of customers as the foundation and service as the core, tailor-made cost-effective products for customers, and provide perfect and meticulous services for 27 years.
  • Professionally answer customer inquiries

    Closely integrate with users, obtain customer needs at the first time, and respond quickly to needs

  • Recommend suitable product solutions

    According to the actual situation of customers, tailor-made solutions and high-quality products for customers

  • Guide users in site planning

    Measure user site dimensions, plan ahead for custom site foundations and optimize pipe sizes

  • Strict inspection and on-time delivery

    Product quality is implemented in every link, and equipment delivery is completed on time with quality and quantity guaranteed

  • Guide installation and commissioning

    After the transportation is completed, the installation and commissioning of the equipment will be completed as soon as possible, so that the user can put into production as soon as possible

  • Technical training and maintenance

    Train operators and maintenance personnel for users to protect users' right to know about equipment

  • Regular testing and visits

    Regularly return to the user's equipment usage, and provide users with equipment maintenance and improvement suggestions.


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