YHT700IV Smart Grain Peeling & Splitting Machine

YHT700IV Smart Grain Peeling & Splitting Machine Grain Peeling & Splitting Machine| Soybean Peeling Machine

  • 45-50t/h

    Production Capacity

  • Peeled bean kernels and bran

    Finished Products

  • Peeling and splitting processing of soybeans, peas, mung beans, red beans, black beans and other grains


  • Grain peeling machine, intelligent control system, electrical system

    Main Equipment

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YHT700IV Intelligent grain peeling and splitting machine is a new type of grain peeling equipment jointly developed by WINTONE & COFCO. It adopts an intelligent control system and can be used for peeling and splitting processing of soybeans, peas, mung beans, red beans, black beans and other grains. It can process soybeans for 45-50 tons per hour, and the primary peeling rate is ≥ 93%.



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    Enhanced Efficiency:

    With its high-speed operation, the YHT700IV delivers unrivaled efficiency in the grain peeling and splitting process, saving precious time and increasing productivity exponentially.

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    The YHT700IV offers tremendous versatility, providing businesses with the flexibility to process a multitude of grain types efficiently and effectively, reducing costs and maximizing profits.

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    Superior Precision

    Precision is a hallmark of the YHT700IV, with its advanced technology delivering exact peeling and splitting, minimizing wastage and delivering top-quality products consistently.

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    User-friendly Design

    The YHT700IV is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy to operate and maintain without requiring specialized skills or extensive training, making it an ideal option for businesses of all sizes.

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    By consuming less energy than traditional machines while remaining highly efficient, the YHT700IV provides unbeatable cost-effectiveness, driving down energy-related expenses and improving bottom-line results.

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    Durable and Reliable

    The YHT700IV is built to last, with superior-quality materials that ensure outstanding durability and reliability, delivering long-term value and benefits for businesses who invest in it.


  • High definition image of YHT700IV Smart Grain Peeling & Splitting Machine
  • On site use of YHT700IV Smart Grain Peeling & Splitting Machine

Finished Products

YHT700IV Smart Grain Peeling & Splitting Machine Finished Products

Working Principle

  YHT700IV intelligent grain peeling and cracking machine is used for grain peeling in large and medium bean processing enterprises.

  The soybean peeling and splitting machine adopts a design with an alloy rubbing plate to rub and crack soybeans and then separate the bean skin and kernel through the separation chamber, achieving a high peeling rate of 93%, and reducing the energy consumption of the peeling process.

  With just one peeling machine, the peeling rate can meet the requirements of the enterprise. It also improves the subsequent processes' oil extraction rate, increasing the enterprise's efficiency and social benefits.

Technical Paramaters

Model Capacity Rated Voltage Power Weight Size(L*W*H)(MM)
YHT700IV 45-50 tons/hour 380V±10V 95KW 7.5 tons 4000x2200x3230

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