6NF-90 Corn Peeling Machine

6NF-90 Corn Peeling Machine 6NF-90 Corn Peeling Machine can also be used in wheat and rice peeling.

  • 300kg/hour

    Production Capacity

  • peeled corn, millet and rice

    Finished Products

  • Application in farm, home, towns, small and medium-sized grain processing enterprises


  • emery roller peeling machine

    Main Equipment

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  1. The machine includes 5 parts: charge hopper, hulling case, transmission device, separating device, and machinery rack.

  2. Corn is sent into machine through charging hopper, and then is sent to hulling case by the screw propeller. The hulling case can produce big pressure, and the germ and bran of corn can be peeled off by the friction between roller and sieve.

  3. The discharging outlet has grain purifying device, which can remove the micro bran further. And there has highly efficient air suction chamber installed inside of the machine which can clean the bran from the peeling process.

  4. The discharging outlet of the peeling chamber can control the staying time in the peeling chamber for the corn and wheat, which can ensure effective friction between the grains and the alloy roller and realize better peeling effect.




  • 01

    Multifunctional use

    Dehulling corn, also dehulling wheat, rice and other grains

  • 02

    Small area

    6NF-90 corn peeling machine is small in size and saves production space

  • 03

    Good-quality finished product

    6NF-90 corn peeling machine peels clean, uniform particles, round and smooth shape

  • 04

    High productivity

    Just one machine can achieve peeling and polishing, and the peeling effect is good

  • 05

    Low power consumption

    One motor can drive, save energy

  • 06


    6NF-90 corn peeling machine can also be equipped with diesel engine as power transmission in some areas without electricity


  • High definition image of 6NF-90 Corn Peeling Machine
  • On site use of 6NF-90 Corn Peeling Machine

Finished Products

6NF-90 Corn Peeling Machine Finished Products

Working Principle

  6NF-90 Series Corn Peeling Machine can remove the bran both of corn and wheat. There has 380V motor with 3-4KW power installed inside. It can process 300kg-500kg of grains, such as corn, wheat, sorghum and rice. Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0689527.7

Technical Paramaters

Model Capacity
Rated voltage
Spindle speed 
6NF-90 0.3 4 380 1042 120 600×500×1200

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