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Precooked Corn Flour Solution

Corn cooked powder is also called cooked corn flour or prefabricated corn cooked powder. This process requires high control, pre -cooking time and temperature, grinding fineness and other links. The processing production line swept Venezuela and Colombia


We have developed a highly efficient industrial production process to produce Arepa flour, which is also called precooked corn flour. The final flour has fragrant corn smell, good water absorption, the best material to make Arepa.

Precooked Corn Flour Production Line Finished Products


  • High definition image of Precooked Corn Flour Production Line
  • On site use of Precooked Corn Flour Production Line

Precooked Corn Flour processing process

The processing technology of precooked corn flour is different from that of traditional corn flour. Arepa flour is made from hydrothermically treated corn flour ground from white corn.
  It is made by cleaning and removing impurities, water conditioning, peeling and degerminating, cooking, flaking, drying, milling and sieving, and packaging. The technology for peeling degree, cooking time, flake thickness and grinding will aslo affect the taste.

01.Cleaning section

Cleaning section

Remove impurities such as rod soil and stone contained in corn, and remove fungal pollutants on the surface of moldy corn.
→   Grain cleaners→   Gravity Destoner

02.Water adjustment

Water adjustment

When adjusting, add water to the corn evenly, which can better peel off the corn epidermis.

03.Peeling and polishing

Peeling and polishing

Remove the corn epidermis and germ to get clean corn kernels, peel and remove embryos to separate bran, germ and ecstasters to rolling embryo and powder.
→   Maize Peeling Machine →   Corn Kneading Degerminator →   Corn Germ Gravity Separator



Steamed the removed corn kernels and pre -cooked, and starchy starch through local cooking. Change the corn attribute through the natural process so that it can quickly cook.



Machish the cooked rough corn flour into corn slices. The thickness of corn slices determines the level of corn, and then determines the cooking speed of corn products.
→   Continuous Cooker and Steamer



Dry corn slices, dry and cooling corn slices are conducive to improving water absorption.
→   Corn Flaking Mill

07.Grinding and Screening

Grinding and Screening

The corn slices enter the grinding machine, grind it into powder, and sieve the qualified powder out of the screen.
→   Smart Pneumatic Roller Mill →   NF Series Grain Mills

08.Precooked Corn Flour Packaging

Precooked Corn Flour Packaging

Enter the finished warehouse, use a vibration unloader, connect automatic packaging scale, and quantitative packaging 5-25kg packaging finished products.
→   Automatic Packaging Machine


  • Automated and Intelligent Control

    The production line adopts PLC automatic control system, which can realize remote control operation and truly realize unmanned production in the workshop.

  • Strong adaptability

    It can not only process domestic naked oats, but also shell oats. Both whole-grain and cut-grain cereals (instant cereals) can be processed. At the same time, the process can produce two varieties of oatmeal and oatmeal on-line.

  • High quality finished product

    The finished product retains the original aroma of oatmeal and is of higher quality. The combination of multiple cleaning and selection processes in the grading section and a color sorter further guarantees the quality of the finished product.

  • High yield and high quality

    During the production of oatmeal, starch is gelatinized, coked and hydrolyzed, making the flavor sweet and crisp.

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