YTZF28-45 Maize Degermining and Milling Machine

YTZF28-45 Maize Degermining and Milling Machine YTZF28-45 Maize Degermining and Milling Machine

  • 500kg/h cornmeal

    Production Capacity

  • cornmeal, fine flour and bran

    Finished Products

  • Corn, wheat and various soy flour processing enterprises and individual grain processing users


  • degerminator, crusher, air dust removal system

    Main Equipment

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  YTZF 28-45 is just one machine to produce good quality special maize meal, and it can mill yellow and white corn into coarse meal. This maize milling machine is combined with maize degerminator and integrated with lifting system, peeling system, flour milling system, flour and husk independent collecting system to produce super refined maize meal. Bran is separated from the meal during the milling process in three stages to ensure a fine end product.

        Our maize mill machine (built-in disc mill pulverizer) is specially designed for foreign customers, especially for African customers, which is suitable for private and commercial establishments.  It is ideal for use in rural areas and for small milling operations. The machine combines two critical technologies to give you quality flour.

  Win Tone's innovative Disc  Mill for Posho is expertly designed for Africa Market. The Posho Mill is the easiest way to manufacture quality maize meal with its durable, compact design, simplified inner disc mill technology.



  • 01


    The machine integrating lifting, peeling and milling is exported to Africa and other countries

  • 02

    High output and low power consumption

    It could process corn under both wet and dry condition, with high output and low power consumption.

  • 03


    Optional motor power (either diesel or electric)

  • 04

    Final Products with 30-60 mesh adjustable.

    The fineness of corn flour can be adjusted to meet the needs of different users for fufu, posho, nshima, staple food making.Multifunctional capability, producing grade 1 flour as the final output.

  • 05

    Resonable and perfect structure

    YTZF28-45 Maize Degermining and Milling Machine has a well-designed appearance and operating system

  • 06

    Wide range of applications

    Application in corn, wheat and various soy flour processing enterprises and individual grain processing users


  • High definition image of YTZF28-45 Maize Degermining and Milling Machine
  • On site use of YTZF28-45 Maize Degermining and Milling Machine

Finished Products

YTZF28-45 Maize Degermining and Milling Machine Finished Products

Working Principle

  Turn on the electrical control system of the YTZF28-45 corn peeling and milling unit, pour the corn into the screw elevator, open the water system of the screw elevator, the corn enters the peeling machine, adjust the pressure controller of the peeling machine, and the corn kernels after peeling are processed. The flour mill makes grain flour.

Technical Paramaters

Model Capacity
Rated voltage 
Spindle speed
YTZF28-45 0.5 22 380 1042 460 2379×1980×3100

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