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Grain and Bean Cleaning Solution

Win Tone's Grain cleaning and selection complete sets of equipment and solutions can be used for cleaning and polishing of various beans such as soybeans, mung beans, peas, red beans, coffee beans, etc, covering vibration cleaning, specific gravity remov

Finished Products

Grain and Pulses Cleaning Plant Finished Products


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Technical Paramaters

Raw grain Pure grain rate/% Moisture/% Impurities/% color, smell
total amount Among them: minerals
beans ≥92.0 ≤14.0 ≤1.0 ≤0.5 normal

Grain and Beans Cleaning Sorting Process

The complete bean cleaning and selection equipment can be applied to the cleaning, selection and polishing of various beans such as soybeans, mung beans, peas, red beans, and coffee beans. Overall coverage: vibrating grain cleaning, specific gravity stone removal, magnetic soil removal, secondary selection, polishing and brightening, photoelectric color sorting, grading and packaging, etc. The conveying equipment adopts anti-breaking lifting and conveying equipment to reduce the loss of grain processing.

Grain vibration cleaning→specific gravity stone removal→magnetic soil separator→twice sorting→polishing and brightening→optical color sorting→grading and packaging



The raw grain is conveyed to the high-efficiency vibrating screen by the grain elevator, thus cleaning and removing the impurities in the raw grain.
→   High-efficiency grain vibrating screen

04.Magnetic separation

Magnetic separation

The magnetic separator is added this part to remove the mixed magnetic substances and sand in beans, so as to obtain pure raw grains.

03.Gravity Destoner

Removing the different size stones

The raw beans processed by the high-efficiency vibrating screen enters the gravity grading destoner to remove stones.
→   TQSF Gravity Destoner

04.Magnetic soil separator

Magnetic soil separator

After the raw grains have been cleaned and destoned, some soil clods are similar in bulk density and size to beans, so a magnetic soil separator is used to separate mixed soil other magnetic minerals.
→   Magnetic Soil Separator

05.Beans Specific Gravity Separator

Beans Specific Gravity Separator

The specific gravity separator is equipped here to separate the materials with different specific gravity, like shriveled grains and mildewed grains to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
→   Beans Specific Gravity Separator

06.Beans Polishing

Beans Polishing

Through the internal special structure of the bean polishing machine, the beans are brushed to make the surface bright.

07.Color sorting

Color sorting

The polished beans enter the optical sorter. Application of technology of Industrial color CCD and HD image acquisition helps select out different-colored beans.
→   Grains Optical Sorter

08.Grading screen

Beens Grading

We have designed special grading machines for beans and pulses classify the beans by size and separate them into different grades, which provides an even distribution of product.

9.Finished product bagging

beens bagging

The graded finished beans are conveyed to the packaging section. We offer a wide range of manual and fully automated weighing and bagging systems.
→   Grains packaging machine


  • Multi-stage cleaning

    The bean cleaning production line adopts multi-level equipment such as high-efficiency vibrating screen, double-layer destoner, and specific gravity selection machine for cleaning. Each equipment has different cleaning functions, so that various materials mixed in beans can be effectively cleaned. , so as to ensure the cleanliness of finished beans;

  • Secondary dust suppression

    All dust removal in this process adopts the working principle of secondary dust removal. Through the mutual cooperation of cyclone dust removal and pulse dust removal, it not only reduces the workload of the pulse dust collector, but also ensures that there is no leakage of dust in the production line, which fully meets and exceeds the current environmental protection standards and requirements.

  • Fine grading

    WinTone's bean grading equipment can finely classify during the bean washing process, so as to achieve the consistency of finished beans.

  • Magnetic separation

    The bean cleaning production line adds a magnetic separator to the multi-channel cleaning and grading, which specifically removes the magnetic substances mixed in the beans, clods, and sand to ensure that the final product has no magnetic substances.

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