The problem of new rapeseed shelling machine solve the problem of rapeseed peeling

Date: 2023-02-14

The new rapeseed shelling machine developed by Huayu Wantong is suitable for oil -based rapeseed shell kernels from equipment to solve the problem of peeling rapeseed peeling

Rapeseed Shelling Machine


rapeseed raw grain

The mature rapeseed is similar to the shape of the ball. The rapeseed is mainly composed of two parts: seed skin and seed kernels. The seed skin accounts for about 12%-20%of the total rapeseed. In general, the thinner the seeds, the thinner the seeds, and the seeds and the seeds. The stronger the combination of benevolence, the more difficult it is to peel. Because most of the mellow, pigment, acid, tannin and other anti -nutrients contained in rapeseed are mainly existing in the seed skin, the seeds are also the main cause of the feeding of rapeseed and cypress protein. Deeping in deep processing is an important program.

rapeseed kernels after peeling

The peeling of rapeseed peeling is more difficult. We have devoted the WinTone Machinery to the middle of the disk peeling machine and the middle of the discly grinding disc.

Disposed leather

Huayu Wantong mainly produces various types of primary, deep, deep -processed foods such as corn miscellaneous grain machinery, and products are suitable for all kinds of food, alcohol, starch, starch sugar production Enterprises can provide engineering design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training, and after -sales one -stop service according to customer needs.

WinTone Machinery

Huayu Wantong mainly produces all kinds of engineering equipment such as corn miscellaneous grain machinery and other types of primary, fine and deep processing foods. The products are suitable for various foods, alcohol, starch, and starch sugar production enterprises. They can provide engineering design and manufacturing according to customer needs. , Installation, debugging, training, after -sales one -stop service.

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