Bangladesh 50Ton Rice Processing Machine

Bangladesh 50Ton Rice Processing Machine2023-02-27 visited

  • Bangladesh


  • Paddy husking, rice milling

    Finished Production Specifications

  • 50TPD

    Production capacity

  • Applicable to farms, market towns, grain offices, small and medium-sized grain processing enterprises and professional grain processing households

    Finished product use

Project Introduction

We have exported our rice milling equipment to more than 30 countries in the world like Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Benin, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Iran, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Guatemala, etc..We offer complete set of rice mill equipment from 18T/Day to 500T/Day, with high white rice yield, excellent polished rice quality. Additionally, we can do reasonable design as per the customers' specific requirement so as to form a complete set or system to your satisfaction.
50t/day Complete Rice Mill Plant is equipped with cleaning machine, destoner machine, gravity paddy separation machine, rice hulling machine, rice whitening machine(rice miller), rice polishing machine, rice color sorting machine and automatic packing machine, it can produce high quality rice with high efficiency. Also the automatic weighing and packing machine can pack rice from 5kg, 10kg, 25kg to 50kg per bag, and the bags can be hot sealed or thread sewed as per your request.

Bangladesh 50Ton Rice Processing Machine

Bangladesh 50Ton Rice Processing Machine

Bangladesh 50Ton Rice Processing Machine

The necessary machine list of 50t/d complete rice mill plant is as following:
1 unit TQLZ80 Vibrating Cleaner
1 unit TQSX80 Destoner
1 unit MLGT25 Husker
1 unit MGCZ100×8 Paddy Separator
2 units MNSW18 Rice Whiteners
1 unit MJP80×3 Rice Grader
3 units LDT110/26 Bucket Elevators
4 units LDT130/26 Bucket Elevators
1 set Control Cabinet
1 set dust/husk/bran collection system and installation materials

Customer Feedback

  1. The products produced by the fully automatic 50-ton rice production line should have a large enough output;

  2. Product design and technology should be advanced, stable and reliable, and should remain basically unchanged for a long time;

  3. The fully automatic 50-ton rice production line adopts a new process of first shelling and then light milling, which solves the problems of hard milling with shells, easy crushing and uneven milling in the traditional process. From raw grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing, to rice grading and bagging, and power distribution, all realize automatic continuous operation, smooth process, and convenient operation and maintenance.

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