MTPS-R Series Maize Peeling Machine

MTPS-R Series Maize Peeling Machine Maize peeling machine can make corn endosperm and the one-time peeling and separation of germ

  • 2-6t/h

    Production Capacity

  • Peeled maize kernels

    Finished Products

  • Maize processing factory and enterprise, small scale maize grits making, feed processing factory


  • maize peeling machine

    Main Equipment

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  MTPS Smart Maize Peeling Machine is used in new and old maize processing line to remove maize bran and get maize kernels.




  • 01

    Professional manufacturing machine

    Using special emery roller and sieve plate, longer life, low crushing high efficiency, high finished product yield;

  • 02

    Easy to install and dismantle

    Adopt locking self-aligning bearing, face boring frame, main shaft air blower, split screen frame, which is convenient for installation and disassembly;

  • 03

    Good finished products

    Efficient peeling, germ removal, high product yield, complete and bright finished kernels;

  • 04

    Low energy consum, saving water and electricity

    High output, high efficiency, energy saving and small area, it is a special machine for corn processing production line and corn feed processing industry;

  • 05

    Durable and cost-effective

    The emery roller can run continuously for more than 8,000 hours, and the emery blasting screen can run continuously for more than 6,000 hours, which is durable and cost-saving

  • 06

    Increase economic benefits

    The yield is 5-10 percentage points higher than similar products in the market, which greatly improves the economic benefits of processing enterprises and is of epoch-making significance for the corn processing industry.


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  • On site use of MTPS-R Series Maize Peeling Machine

Finished Products

MTPS-R Series Maize Peeling Machine Finished Products

Working Principle

  WINTONE's "R" series maize peeling machine, abandoning the traditional "grinding" processing method of peeling machine, adopts "dry cutting and peeling" technology, which can realize the layered and fine cutting and peeling of corn endosperm and the one-time peeling of germ, thereby To achieve a small crushing rate and good peeling effect of peeling materials. The primary removal rate is 60%, and the secondary removal rate is over 95%.

Technical Paramaters

Model Capacity
Rated Voltage
MTPS-18R 2-2.5 18.5-22+2.2 380 760 1935×735×1892
MTPS-25R 3-4 22-30+2.2 380 805 2013×693×2222
MTPS-30R 4-6 37-45+2.2 380 1050 2191×950×2222

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