How to choose the mung bean peeling machine in 2023?

Date: 2023-02-14

New mung bean peeling machine

There are two types of mung bean peeling: wetting and peeling and dried method of peeling. In the processing plant, we generally use dry method to peel.

However, the steps of mung bean peeling in peeling mung beans belong to the secrets of the manufacturer and are inconvenient to disclose it. But in general, the peeling component in the production machine is separated from the skin and beans in the mung beans. Huayu Wantong Mung Bean Peeling Production Line is made by adopting advanced production technology to produce through professional production equipment and peeling; through advanced color selection equipment, remove poor beans with poor colors, choose superior quality peeling mung beans to satisfy satisfaction The production needs of the majority of merchants.

Mung bean raw grains
Selected mung bean raw grains


Ready finished mung bean kernels
Mung bean kernels after peeling


Disposed mung bean skin miscellaneous
Disposed mung bean skin miscellaneous

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