HTQM Buckwheat Dehulling Machine

HTQM Buckwheat Dehulling Machine buckwheat dehulling machine can be used in large buckwheat processing plant.

  • 100-450Kg/h

    Production Capacity

  • Hulled buckwheat kernels

    Finished Products

  • It is suitable for farms, market towns, grain offices, small and medium-sized grain processing enterprises and professional grain processing households.


  • emery roller disc

    Main Equipment

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       Buckwheat dehulling machine is a kind of equipment that can separate Buckwheat and hulls completely. And this machine has applied for the national patent.




  • 01

    Professional peeling machine

    QMJ-300D new single buckwheat hulling machine solves the key problems of low buckwheat hulling rate, low whole rice rate, large broken, not full wheat kernels, and low yield;

  • 02

    Directly connected to the motor;

    The QMJ-300D buckwheat sheller adopts the direct connection of the motor to reduce the axial force of the bearing, increase the service life of the bearing, and the sand disc runs smoothly

  • 03

    Easy to operate

    Electric adjustment sand disc gap adjustment: improved electric control comes with self-locking function, easy to operate

  • 04

    Low energy consumption

    QMJ-300D Buckwheat dehuller is efficient, energy-saving, and occupies a small area;

  • 05

    Variable frequency speed regulation

    QMJ-300D new single buckwheat shelling machine can adjust the spindle speed during the shelling process to achieve the expected shelling effect and reduce the crushing rate

  • 06

    High dehulling efficiency

    We can control the grinding wheel interval and feeding speed to make it have ideal dehulling efficiency.


  • High definition image of HTQM Buckwheat Dehulling Machine
  • On site use of HTQM Buckwheat Dehulling Machine

Finished Products

HTQM Buckwheat Dehulling Machine Finished Products

Working Principle

     The QMJ-300D new single buckwheat sheller motor is directly connected to reduce the axial force of the bearing and increase the service life of the bearing; the sand plate runs smoothly; during the shelling process, the spindle speed can be adjusted to achieve the expected shelling effect down, reduce the breakage rate.

Gentle and uniform whitening
High head rice yield
Smooth bran removal
Low energy consumption
Easy and precise operation
Adaptable to a variety of products

Technical Paramaters

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Grinding wheel specification Spindle speed(r/min) Weight
QMJ-300D 150 1.5 Φ300x40mm 960 168 920x710x1556
QMJ-300Dx4 450 3x2 Φ300x40mm 970 900 1180x10230x1670

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