Jilin Liaoyuan 500 tons of complete corn processing plant

Jilin Liaoyuan 500 tons of complete corn processing plant2023-02-01 visited

  • Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province


  • High-quality corn grits, corn flour

    Finished Production Specifications

  • 500TPD

    Production capacity

  • Corn peeling and grits making flour

    Finished product use

Project Introduction

complete corn processing plant

  Jilin Province Liaoyuan City Yuquan Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. is an enterprise formally registered with industry and commerce and operated according to law. It is located in Lianchang Village, Development Zone, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province. It has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. Mainly provide: grain grinding, according to the needs of production and operation, there are multiple departments. Facing the complex external situation and arduous production and operation tasks, we pooled the wisdom of all employees, worked hard to overcome difficulties, and achieved remarkable results. The company has strong comprehensive strength, advanced processing equipment, perfect testing methods, a complete quality assurance system, and timely introduction and investment of a large number of advanced production equipment, which has laid a solid foundation for ensuring the stable improvement of the technical level and quality of products. Enjoy a high reputation in the field where the company is located.

corn processing plant

  In the selection of complete sets of corn processing equipment, Yuquan Rice Industry chose to cooperate with Win Tone. The 300-ton corn processing complete equipment production line designed and constructed by Win Tone is located in the Yuquan factory area.

complete corn milling plant

  This production line has advanced design concept, high degree of automation, and adopts advanced sensing and computer numerical control technology to precisely control the processing quality of products, laying a solid foundation for Yuquan's outstanding achievements in the corn processing industry channel.

complete maize processing equipment

Customer Feedback

  The 500-ton complete corn processing equipment production line designed and constructed by Win Tone was carefully selected by our company after a lot of market research and factory site inspection. This production line adopts fully automated intelligent operation production, which saves labor costs and the processed products are of very high quality. , I believe that the market share of our products will increase in the future.

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