Shaanxi 500 tons complete cornmeal processing line installed successfully

Shaanxi 500 tons complete cornmeal processing line installed successfully2023-02-01 visited

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  • Corn grits and corn flour

    Finished Production Specifications

  • 500TPD

    Production capacity

  • Maize Grits Milling Germ Extraction Processing

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Project Introduction

cornmeal processing equipment

Equipment investment

Compared with the complete set of corn wet processing technology, it reduces the investment in equipment for moistening grain in the early stage and drying finished products in the later stage;

Material processing

Complete set of corn dry processing technology, the material processing process does not need to touch water, hygienic, simple and labor-saving;

Peeling machine

Our core peeling machine is used to reduce the loss of endosperm in the peeling process;

Corn dry process

Win Tone, as an enterprise in China that has the courage to introduce and apply the dry corn process, has been applied to dozens of enterprises in the three northeastern provinces, northwest, central China, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, etc. (dozens of enterprises in other countries). With more than ten years of accumulated experience, we have the right to speak technically.

cornmeal processing plant

Customer Feedback

  It has been 2 years since the complete set of cornmeal processing equipment was put into production. The production line has been running stably, and the quality of each host equipment is reliable, and there are few failures in the work. At the same time, it has reached the green and environmental protection processing standards. In addition, the manufacturer also provides accurate and timely pre-sales and after-sales services. From equipment selection, to scheme (site) design, to equipment transportation and installation, to operation guidance, and to later equipment maintenance and maintenance, the whole process is completed in one go. , Let our cornmeal processing plant get on the right track more easily and step into a stable production rhythm.

      Thanks to Win Tone for providing us with more efficient, environmentally friendly and better project services, and making unremitting efforts for the profitability of our corn processing plant.

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