Xi'an complete 50 tons of rice processing equipment processing site

Xi'an complete 50 tons of rice processing equipment processing site2023-02-01 visited

  • Xi'an


  • Paddy husking, rice milling

    Finished Production Specifications

  • 50TPD

    Production capacity

  • Rice processing enterprise

    Finished product use

Project Introduction

  The raw materials of the 50-ton rice processing production line do not need to add additives, and the natural green crop food has realized the diet trend of modern people who eat coarse grains and fine grains.

The production process of this equipment has low noise, no pollution, no waste, easy to clean, and the product particles are well-proportioned.

The equipment is easy to operate and mechanized, which is an ideal choice for modern agricultural production enterprises to generate income and get rich。

complete rice processing plant

Customer Feedback

  The complete set of rice processing equipment designed by WIN TONE works really well. In addition to the solid product quality, what is more important is the superior environmental protection design. For enterprises in the food industry that have relatively strict environmental protection controls like our rice processing factory, being able to reduce dust pollution during processing is an important guarantee for us to maintain production. There is also an annual technical maintenance, Win Tone engineers will conduct a detailed inspection of the equipment, and taught us a lot of maintenance knowledge, which has benefited a lot.

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