Corn Germ, Grits & Flour Processing Plant

Corn Germ, Grits & Flour Processing Plant Corn Germ, Grits & Flour Processing Plant

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  • Vibrating sieve, destoner, corn degerminator, germ separator, hammer mill and roller mill

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 Complete set of equipment for corn flour milling, grits making, and germ extraction: using corn as raw material, processing corn raw grain into corn grits and corn flour to extract corn germ complete sets of production line equipment. The extracted corn germ has high integrity and purity and is suitable for oil and feed. Enterprise use.

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    Professional Manufacturer

    Over 25 years of experience makes us have the ability to provide you with the most professional suggestions in design, manufacturing, installation and project management.

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    Technology and automation

    Reliable automation enhances productivity, reduces energy consumption and minimizes maintenance.

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    Effectiveness for maximum yield

    We develops integrated technology for producing premium-quality corn products. Flexible processing enables maximum yield through efficient cleaning, conditioning and degermination, up to final grinding.

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    Separating Endosperm  

    Adopting our core degerminator t reduces the loss of endosperm during the peeling process.

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    Advanced Integrated Components

    We introduces and applies the corn dry processing technology. Our process is designed to keep you up to date on products and technologies in order to reduce investment cost.

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    Good Maize Production Process

    The complete set of corn dry processing technology, there is no need adding water during the maize processing, it is hygienic, simple and labor-saving.


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Finished Products

Corn Germ, Grits & Flour Processing Plant Finished Products

Working Principle

  The complete set of corn milling, grits, and germ extraction equipment adopts the domestic advanced design of the new fully dry corn finishing line to ensure that the yield and product quality of various products meet or exceed the national standards, and the finished product structure is graded Corn flour, grade corn grits, corn germ, fine feed and other products. The finished products of the complete set of corn milling, grits and germ extraction equipment are widely used in food companies, sugar companies, beer companies, and oil companies. The core equipment has obtained national patents.

  Intermediate water: In the original traditional dry corn processing technology, the corn water mixing machine was introduced and placed behind the two sand roller peeling machines, which neither affected the moisture of the corn husk nor changed the quality of the by-product feed. It can also reduce the degree of combination of corn germ, endosperm and epidermis, and better peeling and degerming during the peeling and polishing process of the subsequent iron roller polishing machine. At the same time, the heat generated during the polishing process takes away the water, thereby reducing the grain consumption. According to the actual calculation of the production line, the yield can be significantly increased by 1-1.5 percentage points compared with the full dry processing.

  Three-step polishing: In view of the two-step polishing and embryo selection process of the traditional corn processing technology, our new process takes the lead in abandoning the embryo selection machine. In the original process, the germ-selector separates the germ and endosperm by the specific gravity of the material in a suspended state, and it is unavoidable to bring in some endosperm containing broken embryos, or select some broken embryos containing endosperm; at the same time, the specific gravity selects the embryos The air volume of the machine needs to be adjusted according to the specific separation of germ and endosperm on site, which requires high operator skills and makes operation difficult. In the new process, a polishing machine is added after the original two polishing machines. It is specially designed for secondary polishing of the endosperm containing broken embryos after screening and classification, so as to solve the problem of broken embryos in the finished product and ensure the purity of the endosperm in the subsequent processing.

  Multi-channel suction: Different from the traditional dry corn processing technology, a multi-channel suction separator is added in the new process, which does not increase the power of the whole set of equipment, but also performs peeling, floating powder, sucking and crushing embryos for each peeling and polishing process. To remove the black star, at the same time, suck the skin, float the powder, suck the broken embryo, and remove the black star again before the finished product is packaged. It ensures that the packaged finished product has no microskin, no broken embryos, and no black stars, and also reduces equipment investment.

  Secondary dust reduction: All dust removal in this process adopts the working principle of secondary dust removal. Through the mutual cooperation of Chakron dust removal and pulse dust removal, it not only reduces the workload of the pulse dust collector, but also ensures that there is no leakage of dust in the production line, which fully meets and exceeds the current requirements.

Technical Paramaters

Power consumption per hour
Workshop size
100 369 60-64 35×5×10
150 554 60-64 42×7×10
200 740 60-64 48×7×11
300 950 60-64 48×21×29.4

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