Lentil Processing Plants

Lentil Processing Plants Lentil processing plant includes lentil cleaning, grading, peeling and packing.

  • 10-1000Ton/day

    Production Capacity

  • Peeled football type lentils, split lentils, lentil flour

    Finished Products

  • Pulses processing enterprise


  • Vibration Separator,Destoner, Lentil Peeling and Splitting Machine, Brushing Machine and Polishing Machine, Color Sorter, Crusher and Grinding Machine

    Main Equipment

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       We developed complete lentil processing solution.Whether you're processing lentils for their seeds or want to mill nutritious flour - we have the one-stop-shop processing solutions to valorize your lentil product. Lentils can be complex to process but our integrated start-to-finish processing lines ensure high yield and productivity. We can also consult you in exploring value-adding processing possibilites for lentil ingredients.

  Lentil primary processing comprises various steps including cleaning, grading and packaging to deliver the whole seeds for direct sale to the consumers or for downstream processing. Secondary processing of lentil involves decortication, splitting, sorting and polishing and grinding of the whole or split seeds.

  The following overview shows machines which are used for the processing of lentils. Here, you can find more information about various WIN TONE machines.



  • 01

    Mechanical full automation

    The whole set of lentil peeling plant is fully automatic and continuous production.

  • 02

    stable operation

    High-strength wear-resistant peeling rollers and screens can ensure the stability of the equipment in the production of large-volume complete sets of projects.

  • 03

    Low equipment loss

    The complete set of lentil peeling equipment is efficient, energy-saving, and occupies a small area. It is a standard product on the complete production line.

  • 04

    High yield of finished products

    The complete set of lentil peeling equipment adopts fine-grained sand roller and low-speed design according to the characteristics of lentils, and the depuration rate is above 98%.

  • 05

    High quality finished product

    The high-efficiency multi-stage cleaning process of the lentil peeling equipment is formulated according to the characteristics of the lentils to remove the unsaturated grains of the lentils and ensure high-quality finished beans.

  • 06

    Efficient dust collection

    High-efficiency dust removal and automatic control system can accurately control quality, and the processing workshop is clean and dust-free.


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Finished Products

Lentil Processing Plants Finished Products

Working Principle

Raw grain cleaning section: Screening, stone removal, magnetic separation, and through the configuration of the wind separation system, the large impurities, small impurities, light impurities, stones and magnetic substances in the grain are cleaned to ensure product quality; peeling kernel section: Take off the material skin (shell) and separate it out through the effective suction system;
Finished product processing section: 1) Screening: Screening out the products other than the main materials. 2) Brushing: to separate out the adhering micropowder on the surface of the material; 3) Color sorting: According to the color characteristics of the material, a color sorter is used to separate out the moldy grains, incomplete grains, different varieties of grains and other impurities with different colors. 4) Measuring and packaging section: the warehouse can reduce the amount of labor, and the measuring and packaging can be manual or electronic.

Intake and pre-cleaning:
Pre-cleaning is key for a productive milling process. Pulses contain impurities and foreign materials. Remove them before storage to increase the service life of your machinery and to create hygienic storage conditions.
Use the cleaning section to remove contaminants and impurities from the beans.
High capacity hulling
We have developed hullers especially for pulses. These are high-capacity and energy-efficient machines, designed to keep brokens to a minimum.
Optical sorter and grader
Remove even subtle impurities
Our optical sorters remove even subtle light and dark color defects, spots, damaged grains and foreign materials. You can even sort based on shape.
We have designed special grading machines for beans and pulses to provide an even distribution of product and an even result.
Where precision counts
The finished products are either bagged or loaded in bulk. Here it is important to handle the products gently. Precise dosing and weighing are also key. We offer a wide range of manual and fully automated loading and bagging systems.

Technical Paramaters

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