YTH35x2 Soybean and Peas Peeling Machine

YTH35x2 Soybean and Peas Peeling Machine Soybean and Peas Peeling Machine

  • 5-8ton/h

    Production Capacity

  • Peeling rate 95%

    Finished Products

  • Soybean and peas processing enterprise


  • Emery roller, suction fan, feeding hopper, skin rubbing room, regulating valve, skin suction air duct, de-separation sieve bucket, main motor frame, bag dust removal system, skin packaging interface

    Main Equipment

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  Peas are a powerful pulse crop: high in protein, rich in fiber and full of beneficial starches. We provide technologies for processing whole seeds. Whether you chose a single machine or let us help ou plang and install your complete solutions, we can advise you on the machinery and processes to suit your application and further valorization.

  We are the expert and manufacturer of all kinds of beans peeling machines. We offer  different hullers designed exclusively for the processing of pulses. Our soybean and peas peeling machine ensures a proper removal of the seeds skins whilst retaining the peas' desirable components.

  Capacities of soybean and peas peelling machine : 500-1000 kg/h (MTPS-18),  1000kg/h (DTPZ-26), 6000-8000kg/h(DTP30*2) 9-12Ton/hour (DTP35*2), depending on customer requirements.



  • 01

    Exquisite appearance and small footprint

    Reasonable structure and small area cover

  • 02

    Professional peeling machine

    High-strength wear-resistant peeling rollers and screens can ensure the stability of the equipment in the production of large-volume complete sets of projects.

  • 03

    Large output, low power consumption

    Use the special pea and soybean peeling machine selected after countless production line practice, with low energy consumption and high efficiency.

  • 04

    High quality finished products

    The skin is directly broken to separate the epidermis, and the bean kernel is less broken, so as to achieve high yield of finished products and improve enterprise efficiency.

  • 05

    The bran is separated and clean

    This bean peeling machine is equipped with a husk separation and collection system, which can effectively separate husks and collect husks.

  • 06

    Smart automation control panel

    Intelligent operation, high degree of automation


  • High definition image of YTH35x2 Soybean and Peas Peeling Machine
  • On site use of YTH35x2 Soybean and Peas Peeling Machine

Finished Products

YTH35x2 Soybean and Peas Peeling Machine Finished Products

Working Principle

    The cleaned soybeans and peas are fed into the hopper, adjusting the handwheel to maximize the grinding head gap, and slowly open the blanking gate. According to the peeling effect, adjust the handle according to the direction indicated by the instrument panel. The degree of tightness is satisfied until the peeling quality of the product is satisfied. When the processing is about to be completed, the adjustment handle should be adjusted to make the grinding core separate.

Technical Paramaters

Model Capacity Peeling rate Breaking rate Voltage Power Weight Dimension
YTH35×2 5-8T/H 90-98%
(moist 9-10%)
(according to moist)
380V 11-15(6pole)+3(4pole)KW 1100 2900×1697×2904

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