YMYP-60×80 Oat Flaking Mill

YMYP-60×80 Oat Flaking Mill YMYP-60×80 Oatmeal Machine | Oat Flakes Machine

  • 2000-2500kg/h

    Production Capacity

  • oat flakes

    Finished Products

  • Oat Flaking Mill is used to flake grains into a thin flakes.


  • Flaking roller mill

    Main Equipment

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       The oat flaking mill machine flakes grains such as oats, rye, wheat, spelt and barley. It has a throughput of between 1 and 4 tons per hour producing a uniform quality of flakes.



  • 01

    High level of sanitation and food safety

    The flaking mill reduces the risk of contaminating the product with hydraulic oil. All parts in contact with the product are made from corrosion-resistant materials, which are approved for food safety.

  • 02

    Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning

    The flaking mill has a central lubricating point, which reduces maintenance time. You can change the rollers from the front or rear. You can remove the machine covers to quickly access the inside of the machine.

  • 03

    PLC control system

    The control system consistently monitor the mill’s operation, with a clear overview of the motor current, adjustment of the roller gap, product temperature at the inlet and the roller temperature.

  • 04

    Accurate material distribution and reduce noise

    Vibration-free operation due to special roller bearings and shock absorbers

  • 05

    Minimal maintenance required

    A central lubricating point helps reduce maintenance time.

  • 06

    Uniform flake quality

    Temperature-controlled rollers with a diameter of 600 mm help produce a uniform product quality.


  • High definition image of YMYP-60×80 Oat Flaking Mill
  • On site use of YMYP-60×80 Oat Flaking Mill

Finished Products

YMYP-60×80 Oat Flaking Mill Finished Products

Working Principle

       Via a feed roller, the product is fed uniformly to the two flaking rolls adjusted parallel to each other with a gap, which corresponds to the desired flake thickness. A cooling and heating device for the rolls offers the opportunity to flake also products which can only be flaked at certain temperatures.

        The specially manufactured scrapers below the rolls prevent unwanted product adhesions. The flakes are discharged directly below the flaking rolls and are conveyed to a fluidised bed drier.

Technical Paramaters

Model Capacity
YMYP-60x80 2000-2500 380 0.55+18.5x2 5000 1725×1663×1834

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