Barley Processing Plants

Barley Processing Plants Complete barley processing plant with techology

  • 10-100TPD, Customized as required

    Production Capacity

  • barley kernels, barley grits, barley flour, barley flakes

    Finished Products

  • Barley peeling, grits milling, flaking mill processing


  • Cleaning, huller, cutting machine, crusher and packing machine

    Main Equipment

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  Barley is the fourth grain in the world. Barley is an integral part of grain processing, feed processing, and industrial processing. Barley can be processed into: barley kernels, barley grits, barley flour, barley flakes, etc., which can be used to make various foods. Dehulled barley is one of the important raw materials in the feed industry.




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    Processing Technology

    The high-strength wear-resistant peeling roller and screen specially made for barley can ensure the stability of the equipment in the production of large-volume complete projects.

  • 02

    Gravity Separation Process

    In view of the complex impurity content of raw barley grains, the cleaning process is strengthened, and specific gravity screening is introduced to remove unsaturated grains of barley and improve

  • 03

    Professional barley peeling machine

    The application of the sand roller barley peeling machine and barley polishing machine not only improves the yield of the finished product, but also improves the quality of the finished wheat kernel.

  • 04

    Automatic control system

    Automation Control System Combining processing technologies such as corn, highland barley, and rice, introduce high-efficiency dust removal and automatic control systems to accurately control quality.

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    Various finished products

    Barley can be processed into: barley kernels, barley grits, barley flour, barley flakes, etc., which are used to make various foods.

  • 06

    Turnkey project technology

    Our expertise makes us the perfect contact for the entire barley processing, Whether it's the reception of raw materials, storage in silos, cleaning or processing.


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Finished Products

Barley Processing Plants Finished Products

Working Principle

   WIn Tone's Barley Processing Equipment: Commonly used are complete equipment for barley dehulling, complete equipment for barley dehulling and grits making, and special barley dehulling equipment for feed enterprises.
        The experiences of Win Tone range from cleaning and removal of fungal infestation on the grain surface and shelling to the production of cut groats, flakes, and flours. The following overview shows all machines which are used for the processing of these grain varieties. Here, you can find more information about various machines.

Technical Paramaters

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