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  • Suction Cleaner, Oat Scourer, Indented Cylinder Grader, Oat Huller, Hulls Separator, Oat Color Sorter, Oat Steaming Screw, Drying Box, Oat Drum Groat Cutter, Flakeing Mill, Fluidised Bed Drier, Plansifter, Aspiration Channel, Packing Machine

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  We offer a wide range of oat processing plant, which includes the heart of our oat mills - the dehuller, kiln and flaking roller mill. We can help all the way - from planning your production line to installation, training and maintenance. Our oat processing is also highly automated, helping to improve yields and trace your product from intake to bagging.



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    The foundation of good milling

    Pre-cleaning is key for an efficient and safe milling process, which can extend the service life of your machinery and provide hygienic storage conditions for your grain.

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    Improving taste and shelf life

    The complete set of oatmeal processing equipment adopts the process of cooking, drying and then dicing and tableting, and extracts the energy of enzymes in the process of heat loss to optimize the color of oatmeal;

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    Instant process

    The instant nutritional oatmeal technology introduced by Win Tone can be well absorbed by the human body, which is in line with the pace of modern life, and has been successfully applied to many food machine companies.

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    Advanced processing technology

    Hydrothermal treatment of oats in a kiln extends shelf life, reduces bacterial counts and produces a typical nutty taste.

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    Food Safety Guarantee

    The complete set of oatmeal processing equipment is fully automated, which can realize aseptic processing environment, maintain oat nutrition, and produce high-quality nutritional oatmeal.

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    Innovation process

    Our process is designed to create products that are easy to digest, taste great and have a long shelf life.


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Finished Products

Oat Processing Plants Finished Products

Working Principle

  The following overview shows all machines which are used for the processing of oats. You will find information on various WIN TONE machines for cleaning, shelling as well as producing oat groats and flake.

Pre-cleaning is key for an efficient and safe milling process. Grain contains impurities and foreign materials. If you remove these before storage, you can extend the service life of your machinery and provide hygienic storage conditions for your grain.
Use the cleaning section to remove impurities, defective material and contaminants, including fungus. We offer both mechanical and optical sorting machines.

Dehulling and Kilning
Hulling removes the indigestible husk from the kernel. The groats are then separated so that only top-quality groats enter the kiln.
Hydrothermal treatment of the oats in a kiln increases shelf life, reduces total germ count and produces the typical nutty taste.

Cutting and flaking
Complete oat kernels or cut groats are then steamed ready for flaking. In the flaking mill, starch gelatinization increases the nutritional properties of the oats. Flaking also helps to produce a good-looking end product.
Cutting, aspiration, grading.
The groats cutter cuts the dehusked oats. An indented separator removes the uncut groats.
Steaming, flaking.
Uniform steaming ensures optimal preparation of the product prior flaking. In the flaking roller mill, starch gelatinization promotes the food-specific values of the oats while at the same time ensuring an attractive appearance of the end product.
The steamer in conjunction with the flaking roller mill and the fluid-bed dryer fulfills the highest sanitation requirements and ensures a consistent flake quality.
Our flaking roller mill has a constant high roll pressure, to produce a high-quality and uniform product with highly automated, helping to improve productivity.

Bagging and load out
The finished products are either bagged or loaded in bulk. It is important to handle the flakes gently. Precise dosing and weighing are also key. We offer a wide range of manual and fully automated loading and bagging systems.

Technical Paramaters

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